The "Le Tende" Cellar is located on Lake Garda, between Colà di Lazise and Cavaion Veronese, on a land that is blessed with a mild climate that has always been particularly suited for the production of great wines.
The Fortuna and Lucillini families have founded this wine cellar on the slopes of the sweet and winding morainic hillsides. The collaboration between the Fortuna and Lucillini families was born in the nineties and is characterized by a common passion for wines with great personality. Here, expert hands, which are guided by Mauro Fortuna, dedicate themselves with love to the cultivation of vines and to the production of recognized quality wines. Naturally, this process is achieved by blending traditional experience with the most modern winemaking techniques.
Franco Lucillini adds the final touch to the unique taste of the "Le Tende" wines. He is an entrepreneur and a designer. In fact, he enhances the appearance of the bottles by designing their labels with the same passion that is used to produce the wine.

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Full of anticipation we await the pleasures and perfumes...

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The choice of organic farming was a natural ethical choice for us; since 2012 our company has followed the method of cultivation and production of organic wine, with Icea certification, which excludes the use of synthetic chemicals for plant protection and herbicides and of course glyphosate.

Our vineyards are located in the heart of Bardolino Classico and Custoza production, in the municipalities of Colà di Lazise and Cavaion Veronese, we are the Custoza DOC producer located on the northernmost border line where the particular soil with sandy and strongly calcareous texture gives our wine the particular aromaticity and minerality that distinguishes it. The average production of 100,000 bottles is the result of a deep knowledge of the Corvina and Rondinella grapes for Bardolino and Garganega, Trebbiano, Trebbianello and Cortese for Custoza, as well as the experience of their vinification..

From the cabernet sauvignon originates a wine of strong complexity and longevity: the Cicisbeo. Our work is aimed at creating wines of refined quality that are recognized for adherence to the territory, originality and elegance.